"Ever since we equipped our fleet with JetskiBuddy, my staff and I have been able to relax more as managing the rentals have become much easier and safer. I'm going to contact our insurance to see if we can get our premium lowered due to the crash prevention."

-Andrew P., Owner of Big Lagoon Jet-Ski Rentals, Pensacola, Florida, USA 


"JetskiBuddy has been the technology that our business/industry has been looking for. It helps control situations where otherwise adrenaline would be the pilot. Our experience with JetskiBuddy has been great, the communication with their team, the service after it’s purchased, and the tech itself is business life changing! The tech helped us save a lot of money and complaints due to the distance feature and the Geofence feature. I would recommend all rentals use this tech if they’d like to decreases the chances of crashes, and/or if they’re located in an area where Geofencing is key. Overall, amazing product!"

-Omar, Co-Owner of The Harbour Watercraft Tours & Adventures, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


"The JetskiBuddy is perfect for our Jetski Safari business. It forces each rider to keep a safe distance away from each other and limits their speed, but still lets our guide go full speed to any rider if necessary."

-Jesus, Co-Owner of Marbella Sports Boat S.L., Marbella, Spain 


"Installing Jetskibuddy on all my Jetskis has made my business operations simpler, easier, and safer. It's hard to imagine operating my business without JetskiBuddy now."

-Darren L., Owner of Aloha Jetski Rentals, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 


"All 30+ of our WaveRunners have JetskiBuddy equipped, expediting our operations and ensuring that our customers are safer. Very easy to install and the display is easy to customers to understand. Great design and product."

-Adel, General Manager of Port-Marine Jetski Rentals, Bahrain


"You guys are genius! You've read my mind. Your products are exactly what I need. I think every Jet Ski rental business should operate with JetskiBuddy. This amazing product will revolutionize the whole world of Jetski rentals without a doubt."

-Raven L., Owner of Poseidon Watersports, Virginia, USA


"We just tested the new upgraded JetskiBuddy with maximum top speed reduction tags of 80, 70, 60, 50, 40kmh, and it works just perfectly. Just one month of your jet ski rental's fuel savings can cover your investment on this Jetskibuddy. Also, we tested the cut off speed tags of 5, 10, 15, 20, 30kmh, and it just works as designed. You'll never get a fine or ticket from your local enforcement for over speeding. Plus with all these safety features, I really think ALL jet ski rentals should be equipped this amazing device. Huge benefit for your rental business!"

-Geoff F., CEO of HandsOn Systems Ltd., Malta


"I've always thought about designing and making something like the JetskiBuddy system for many years, but I was always busy with my jet ski rental business and haven't had time to do it. Now, these guys just made and released it. I tried it and I'm very happy, as it works exactly as I expected. I just ordered more for my whole fleet. Thank you for your advanced products that make my rental business way easy and safer."

-Larry C., Owner of Millerton Marina, LLC., Fresno, California, USA


"We equipped all our Waverunner and SeaDoo with JetskiBuddy. Our staff is very happy now because I don't have to yell at them to go into the water and chase customers any more. The JetskiBuddy are very easy to install and works exactly as they promised. Now I'm thinking of buying it for all my rental boats. The JetskiBuddy staff are also very friendly and helpful if I have any questions. Great deal."

-Richard B., CEO of Waveline Recreation Inc., Turkey Point, Ontario, Canada


"Last week, I went to their facility in Aliso Viejo and bought two units of JetskiBuddy as a trial. I installed them over the weekend, and they work great and exactly as I expected. It solved all my problems and makes me not worry anymore about my rental business. Today, I went there again and bought enough for my entire fleet. Now I'm happy to run my business in peace. By the way, all the guys there at the office were very friendly and helpful. They're an excellent engineering team!"

-John A., Owner of JT's Rentals LLC., Lake Elsinore, California, USA


"I originally bought two units to try it out, and it works exactly as they've described. Now I've bought 5 more for one of my locations. It all works great! I am going to buy more for my fleet and may become a distributor for this unique product in the middle east as all Jet Ski rentals should be equipped with this device which makes business safe and peaceful."

-Arslan O., Director of Adventure Sports LLC., Ras Al Khaimah, UAE


"This product is incredible. Since installing the Jetski Buddies in our fleet we’ve been able to work smarter and more stress free. They give our customers a level of confidence that they’re not in the wrong area due to the geofencing and they give us an added layer of protection in regards to the distancing technology. We’ve been able to streamline our operations and spend less time on issues the buddies are designed for. The Jetski Buddy team has been great, the communication, the service, and the tech itself has changed our business. These products are invaluable to our Jetski Hire business."

-Andrew E, Owner of Jetski Hire Magnetic Island, Horseshoe Bay, Queensland, Australia