About Us

Back in August 15th, 2018 I went on vacation and stayed at The Westin Dragonara Resort, which is next to St. George’s Bay in beautiful Malta. At about 3:30 pm in the afternoon, I was enjoying my cold drink while sunbathing next to the pool terrance. Suddenly, I heard people yelling and crowds rushing to the seaside. I followed them and saw a crashed watercraft and one heavily injured young man in the water. People on the beach near the accident site started helping and pulled his body out of the sea and attempted to give him first aid as the ambulance arrived. I was shaken and worried for him because I had never seen a deadly accident that close to me, and I was feeling very sad for the tourists involved in such a bad incident.

As I watched the local news on TV that night, they reported the following:

“Two young men were riding separate jet skis on Wednesday when one lost control of his water craft and crashed into the other, fatally injuring the other rider. A 19-year-old Dutch man has died after being involved in a freak jet ski accident in St. George’s Bay, St. Julian’s, in Malta…”

I was feeling deep sadness and regret for such a tragedy. That a young guy lost his life just from a simple accident. I asked myself, as a creative engineer, could I do something to prevent this from happening again? After thinking all evening, I came up with some ideas, and thought, yes, I can do it. When I got back home, I started researching and designed the JetskiBuddy device right away with my team. After hundreds of tests and prototypes, we released the fully functional device in early 2020. It can save hundreds of lives every year. Now, I’m super happy to see more jet ski rental businesses equipping our device to prevent accidents and to save lives everyday. Thank you to all of our customers who work with us to make the jet ski rental world safer than ever.


W. Z.